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About Tuahiwi Botanicals

Hi, I'm Cathy and welcome to my web site devoted to amazing herbs. I founded Tuahiwi Botanicals because I am passionate about growing herbs and using them in ways that enhance their healing properties. I particularly like blending herbal teas as there is such a wide range of flavours and medicinal benefits to be gained from a well blended tea.

I have always been interested in growing and using herbs and starting growing my first herb garden when I was a teenager. I completed an apprenticeship in herbal medicine and since then have been growing herbs for herbal teas and products.

I believe that the healing properties of herbs can only be harnessed by using herbs grown in the best conditions for each plant without using toxic chemicals. If you are using herbs for their medicinal benefits, then it is very important to know how and where the herbs were grown. My herbal teas and herbal products use only herbs that I have grown on my own property in Tuahiwi, North Canterbury, or wild crafted locally.

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that how a plant is grown is a crucial factor in the plants' nutrient value. I prepare my soil with compost from plant material gathered on the property enriched with horse and pig manure and with green crops grown during the winter in the annual herb beds. My herbs are grown in these nutrient rich soils and their flowers and leaves are hand picked when they are at their peak. They are then naturally air dried and processed by hand into herbal teas and other herbal products.

I started selling natural skin care products by accident. I was making products for my own use and giving away the extras to friends and family. I started to get some amazing feedback about the products especially the Lavender Face Cream (which personally I love using). So then I decided to start making natural skincare products to sell. However, I still only sell products that I love to use myself. I make all the products by hand in small batches. This means that there may be small variations between each batch but this is great. It means that it hasn't been mass produced in a big factory somewhere. I also do not use any preservatives in my products. There are preservatives that are approved for use in organic skincare products but I don't want to put any kind of preservatives on my skin and so have not included them in my products. This means that my products may have a shorter shelf life than other similar products but this is a compromise that I am happy to accept.

Tuahiwi Botanicals is located about 15 minutes drive from Christchurch, New Zealand:

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