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I harvested the first of my Pacific Blue lavender yesterday.  Pacific Blue is a great culinary lavender as it has a lower camphor level than most other lavenders. Lavender is very calming on the nervous system when taken in a tea and has been approved for use by the German Commission E for use internally for insomnia, restlessness and nervous stomach irritations. I use Pacific Blue lavender in my Tranquillity Herbal Tea Blend along with chamomile flowers and lemon balm both of which are well known for their stress relieving properties.  I ran out of Tranquillity Tea a few weeks ago as I had used up all last years harvest of lavender and I only make my herbal teas and skincare products with herbs that have been harvested from our property in Tuahiwi or wild crafted locally. So, I have been checking my lavender every day to see whether it was ready to be picked. And today was the day. Now I just have to wait for a few days until it is dry and then I can start blending the lavender with freshly dried chamomile and lemon balm. I can't wait.Pacific Blue lavender makes (in my opinion) the very best essential oil.  In my skincare products I only use Pacific Blue essential oil grown by Lavender Fields in Waikuku. 

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