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The tea blends that I make and sell are highly personal to me.  I make teas that I like to drink.  I realise that my tastes may not be the same as others which is why I am in the process of creating a “make your own tea” blend. Here, you can create your own tea blend depending on what YOU like and what YOU feel like. If you want any advice at all on this, I would be delighted to help. Just email me at 
What I am drinking varies with the time of day, how I am feeling and the seasons.  In the winter I drink teas that contain a lot of thyme, sage, elderberries, liquorice root, lemon balm and lemon rind.  These are warming herbs that help to relieve colds and flus. The winter teas are all dried as there are very few fresh herbs available. As the spring develops, so do the herbs and my tastes change accordingly.  My mint is taking off now and I am enjoying some fresh mint teas, either by itself or with some new lemon balm leaves.  Delicious. In the summer I start to drink more iced tea – the Very Lemon Tea is great served cold with ice. 
In the afternoons I sometimes feel like a pick me up and I will drink a peppermint blend (with lemon balm and lemon verbena) or my Women's Wellness Tonic especially in the second part of my monthly cycle.  To wind down in the evenings, I usually make a large pot of my Tranquility Tea which I share with my husband and sons. 
I like to experiment with different flavours and combinations. I have lots of lemon thyme (which is a lovely tea herb) and at the moment I am using that in many of my tea  blends. I have also planted (or in the process of planting and growing) lots of new interesting tea plants including various bergamots, agastaches and mints. I am especially looking forward to trying my new pineapple mint. I have also created a garden bed devoted entirely to lemon flavoured herbs. It contains lemon tea tree, lemon catnip, lemon balm (an especially lemon variation), lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and Agastache Mexicana sangria.  If you hadn’t guessed, I really like lemon teas. I will keep you posted as the growing season and my tea blending/tasting progresses. 
As I am writing this blog, I am drinking what may become my new favourite afternoon tea blend.  It is equal parts: sacred basil, mint (dried) and lemon thyme. I grew a small quantity of sacred basil last year and will definitely be growing  more this year! Sacred basil has a very interesting taste which I find too strong by itself but which adds an interesting flavour note in this tea blend.
I am really interested in hearing about other peoples’ favourite tea blends, so if you want to share them, email them to me at and I will put them up on the recipes’ page. 

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