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I have been growing a lot of tulsi (holy basil) in my tunnel house this year. Tulsi Kapoor which is green and Tulsi Krishna which is a purple variety. I started growing my seeds back in September last year and used a heat pad to help with the germination. They can take up to 3 weeks to germinate even on the heat pad! I transplanted the seedlings into my tunnel house in November last year after all danger of frosts had passed. Tulsi is a great crop to grow as you can get multiple harvests in one season. I have already had two cuts from my Tulsi Kapoor and it is ready to be harvested again. The best time to harvest Tulsi is when it is flowering but before it is has gone to seed.

Tulsi is an amazing herb (aren't they all). It is an adaptogen which simply means that its a transformative herb and, when taken daily, can help support your system against stress and move a person towards health. For over 3 thousand years Tulsi has been revered as one of India's most sacred and powerful plants and Hindus use it in their daily worship. I have been selling a lot of tulsi plants to the local Hindu community who are so delighted to finally be able to get some Tulsi as they thought it was impossible to source here. It is tastes delicious and I like to mix it with a little peppermint and drink it as an afternoon energy boost.

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