Mountain Man Beard Oil

With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility!

$25.00 (25ml)

Beard Oils contain a combination of organic and natural oils that hydrate and moisturise facial hair as well as the skin underneath the beard. These oils also soften and add shine to beards as well as reducing itching and skin inflammation. They contain a blend of essential oils that make beards smell fresh and clean. 

To Use: simply apply a few drops of beard oil to a clean beard.

Mountain Man Beard Oil Beard Oil Contains only natural plant based ingredients:

Organic Argan Oil - this contains high levels of Vitamin E which promotes healthy hair growth. 

Organic Jojoba Oil – this is easily absorbed by your skin which makes it an ideal moisturiser.

Sweet Almond Oil – helps keeps inflammation at bay which particularly helps prevent in grown hairs.

Essential Oils of Cedarwood and Frankincense