Natural Skincare For Teens

Are you interested in learning about natural, plant based,vegan skincare products and which natural products work best for your skin type?

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In this workshop you will learn about your skin type and how to care for it using natural, plant based, products. You will learn about natural ingredients and how to use them and then create skincare products specifically for your skin.
You will experience (smell, touch, use) the following ingredients:

· Plant Butters
· Plant and seed oils
· Essential Oils
· Waxes
· Herbal Oils
· Clays
· Botanical powders

Using a combination of oils, botanical powders, clays, essential oils and other natural products you will make the following skincare products personalised to your skin and your taste.

· Cleansing Oil
· Cleansing grains
· Clay mask

You will also get to make a natural perfume using essential oils.

You will get to take home detailed information sheets including recipes for lip balm, body butter and a natural deodorant that really does work.

This workshop is suitable for ages 13 upwards.