Have a sensory experience when you take a guided tour through our lush herbal garden. You will smell and taste a large number of different herbs and fragrant plants and learn some easy ways to incorporate herbs into your diet. You will also get to sample fresh herbal teas and seasonal garden pesto.

The Herbal Garden is open between November and March at a cost of $10 per person. (minimum of 3 people).

The Herbal Garden is a “Garden with a Purpose”. There are over 100 herbs in the garden and every plant is edible, medicinal or fragrant – or a combination of all three. During the tour you will get to experience a wide range of taste sensations from sweet, bitter, spicy, aniseed, lemon, minty from plants such as tulsi (holy basil) and spilanthes (toothache plant- can you guess what this plant does?).
Take time and smell the roses – The Herbal Garden contains over 30 very fragrant roses with aromas ranging from Old Rose to Myrrh.

Here is how David Austin has described the aromas of some of the roses in the garden (it is a little bit like wine tasting!):

Munstead wood - There is a strong Old Rose fragrance with fruity notes of blackberry, blueberry and damson notes

Jubilee celebration - There is a strong, delicious fruity fragrance with hints of fresh lemon and raspberry

Princess Alexandria - There is a strong and delicious fresh Tea fragrance, which changes to lemon, eventually taking on hints of blackcurrants.

Mary Rose - The delicious fragrance is of Old Rose character with a hint of honey and almond blossom