Home grown and hand made in Tuahiwi.

Learn how to make your own plant based, botanical skincare, herbal teas and botanical perfume, at our workshops based in Tuahiwi, Christchurch, NZ. Most of the workshops are based around our large herbal garden where you will have a full sensory experience – touching, smelling and tasting – the plants.

The Botanical Skincare workshop runs all year but the Herbal Tea and Botanical Perfume workshops only run when the herbal garden is open - from November to March. I also offer seasonal and other one off workshops, so sign up to my newsletter to keep in touch.
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Herbal Garden Tours
Have a sensory experience when you take a guided tour through our lush herbal garden. You will smell and taste a large number of different herbs and fragrant plants. Through this you will also learn some easy ways to incorporate herbs into your diet and will get to sample fresh herbal teas and seasonal garden pesto.
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Herbal Products
Here at Tuahiwi Botanicals, we believe that you should know and trust what you are using on your skin. That is why we have crafted our range of natural body & skincare products, made with pure botanical ingredients using only the best herbs organically grown on our property, located just north of Christchurch.
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Our Stories
A collection of stories from the Tuahiwi farm.
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My Story
My name is Cathy Bouma and I founded Tuahiwi Botanicals because I am passionate about growing herbs and fragrant plants. I started growing my first herb garden as a teenager and many years later completed an apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine. My philosophy around using herbs is very simple; they must be local, fresh, and organic. I absolutely believe that if you are using herbs for their medicinal benefits then you need to know how and where the plants were grown. I only use herbs that I grow myself in all my products and herbal teas.