Raspberry Powder

June 2022

Raspberry powder can of course be used in all manner of culinary delights - sprinkled on natural yoghurt is so simple and delicious! Raspberry powder also has uses in botanical skincare products - it has anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties as well as being rich in vitamin c.

During the autumn, I had a great crop of raspberries and being protected from the birds, I was actually able to eat my fill and even dehydrate some. Raspberries surprisingly take a long time to dehydrate (in the dehydrator) - approx 20 hours - until they are hard and dry. It takes a long time for them to stop being soft and squishy, but they get there eventually! But once, they are dried, then they retain their shape and colour really well.

Once dried, it is very easy to make powder by putting the dried raspberries into the trusty spice blender. The smell of the powder is intoxicating - reminds me of raspberry jam being made on a hot summers' day.. The powder can be used in botanical skincare preparations like masks and facial exfoliants.