Evolution of a Garden

April 2019

In June 2014, I was completing my apprenticeship in herbal medicine and I wanted to create a place to grow all my herbs. I "negotiated" with my husband and acquired a bare paddock. Over the winter of 2014 I started the conversion process using a no dig method.

6 July 2014

Converting a paddock into my herb garden using "no dig" methods. This involved laying down lots of cardboard to suppress the grass and then covering the cardboard with lots of layers of compost, leaves, peastraw and any other organic matter I could find.

25 July 2014

September 2016

Extending the garden at the back.

June 2017

Re-developing the Herb Garden. Moving all the production beds into a separate area and creating a more aesthetically pleasing garden.

June 2017

Creating the new production beds for growing large quantities of lemon balm, mint, skullcap and St Johns wort.