February 2019

Infusing Helichrysum italicum flowers (otherwise known as curry plant) has been an interesting experiment for me. Helichrysum essential oil is extremely expensive with some amazing healing properties but I have never been able to afford to buy it.

According to Go Native, from whom you can buy 5mls of this essential oil for $55, "Helichrysum essential oil has gained global fame since the late 90’s for its profound healing effect on ageing, wrinkled, and wounded skin. It is said to diminish the appearance of scars, renew skin, prevent stretch marks, treat dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and eczema.

Helichrysum italicum is prized for its powerful effects in skin care thanks to its ability to support cell regeneration and tissue healing. It is considered among the best for beautifying and soothing skin and also for healing cuts, bruises, scrapes, rashes, minor burns while stimulating skin cell regeneration and helping prevent infection.

Helichrysum italicum is also said to help with muscle and joint pain. By simply massaging a few drops of the oil topically to reduce inflammation and relieve aches and pains, sprains, arthritis, and rheumatism."

I sourced my Helichrysum seeds from Richo Cech at Strictly Medicinal Seeds in America, and he sourced his seeds originally from a botanical garden in Italy. Richo says that the infused Helichrysum oil has the same medicinal properties as the essential oil. If that is indeed the case, then this oil will be a great addition to my other healing botanical oils at a fraction of the essential oil cost.

I started off by putting the dried flower heads into the food processor to break them up before putting them in the oil. Once they were in the oil, they were like a big soggy mush, which I infused at 50 degrees for a couple of days. Then I pressed this soggy mush through my fruit press to produce a mildly curry smelling oil!

Well, I thought, this is an epic fail. I have never smelt the essential oil (as I can't afford it), so had no idea of what the essential oil smells like. Thank goodness for the internet which re-assured me that this is indeed what it was supposed to be smelling like!