Herbal Teas

All the herbs used in our teas are organically grown on our property in Tuahiwi, North Canterbury. This makes our tea quite possibly the freshest herbal tea you will ever drink.

Please note a minimum purchase of $25 applies on all orders made online. You can also buy direct from the farm in Tuahiwi, from the Kowhai Collective, or Sollos in Christchurch Ciy.

Shipping is free on all orders.

Womens Wellness Tonic

A Nourishing Herbal Tea

$10.00 (20g)

Tulsi Spice

Delicious and Energising

$10.00 (20g)

Relaxing Tea

A Tea to Calm Restless minds.

$10.00 (20g)

Happy Tea

A Mood Uplifting Tea

$10.00 (20g)

Calming Tea

A fragrant, soothing Tea

$10.00 (20g)

Winter Wellness Tea

Immune Boosting

$10.00 (20g)

Bedtime Tea

To Aid with Sleep

$10.00 (20g)


Lavender - Pacific Blue



Product not available.